A major step has been taken towards the building of a new South Centennial Manor long-term care home in Iroquois Falls.

The province has granted its request to have 96 beds in the new facility.  That’s up from the current 69.

MICs health care group CEO Paul Chatelain says he’s delighted.

“Ninety-six beds makes more sense financially, in terms of our ageing population and of course to address our wait list,” he says.  Asked by My Cochrane Now Dot Com How long the wait list is right now, he replies, “I think it’s about 25 residents waiting to get in.”

The new Manor will be built behind Anson General Hospital. Chatelain says the next step is public consultation because of the added beds and the new site.  Then it moves into the drawings and design stage.

“The big part is finalizing the development agreement and that’s basically making sure that we have all approvals in place, our financing in place, our fundraising budget in place. So this is where it’ll probably take another couple months.”

Chatelain hopes for construction to begin in the fall.  It’s anticipated to take 24 months.

Here’s the full interview with Paul Chatelain: