People flying into Timmins from Calgary via Toronto on Monday might have been exposed to COVID-19.  The Porcupine Health Unit says it’s been confirmed that a passenger from outside of its region has the virus.

If you were on Air Canada flight AC0144 that left Calgary at 12:15 Monday afternoon to Toronto and then flight AC8289 leaving Toronto for Timmins at 6:55pm, you were on the same flight as that person.

If you were in rows 14 to 18 on the Calgary to Toronto flight and then rows 8 to 12 to Timmins, PHU says you must self-isolate immediately and call the health unit.

If you were seated elsewhere, you’re told to self-monitor for symptoms.  If you have any, you should self-isolate and call PHU at 705-267-1181 or 1-800-461-1818.

UPDATE AT 10:30am: No new cases reported in PHU territory on Thursday.  That number stays at 344.