What started as an every-other-week sit-down lunch in Iroquois Falls has evolved into a weekly supper with curbside and delivery service.

About two years ago, Northern Lights Baptist Church and the Hub youth centre began the lunch.

Volunteer Sonia Gervais says the supper now served every Monday is for the needy, seniors and anyone who is isolated.  No one is refused.

“Because of COVID restrictions and everything,” she explains, “we had people come and pick up the meals and we also had people volunteer to do deliver the meals as well.”

Gervais says COVID-19 ruled out sit-down meals, so it switched to the current method.

“When we were serving before, once every two weeks, we had approximately 20 to 40 people at best. And since December 21st we have grown to serving 100 people every week.”

The church and the Hub cover the costs.  Gervais says donations are always welcome.

To order a meal, call 705-951-2482 by the day before, so the organizers know how much to make.