Not to make you feel old, but if your child was born in 2017 – not that long ago, really – you can register them for junior kindergarten in the fall.

This year, the Northeastern Catholic District School Board is taking online registrations only, for all of its elementary schools – including St. Anne’s in Iroquois Falls and Aileen Wright in Cochrane.

Superintendent of education Daphne Brumwell says it lasts right through February.

“Schools are also taking some opportunity to put together little videos or virtual open houses so that families can still see what the school looks like and what programs the schools have to offer,” Brumwell outlines.

In-person open houses have been scrapped due to the pandemic.

If your child was born in 2016 and hasn’t started school yet, now is the time to register them, too. When you sit down to do that, be ready to provide your address and relevant phone numbers.

“It’s important that you have access to things like your child’s birth certificate,” Brumwell advises. “If your child has been baptized in a Catholic church, it would be important to note what the church was and what the year of baptismal was.”