The province is helping pay the bills for added expenses for long-term care homes caused by COVID-19.

South Centennial Manor in Iroquois Falls is getting $71,500.00.  That brings the total to $616,300.00.  And Cochrane’s Villa Minto is the recipient of $19,400.00, for a total of $230,200.00.

MICs Health Care Group CEO Paul Chatelain says the money is used for things like personal protective equipment and 24/7 screeners to make sure staff and visitors don’t bring the virus into the homes.

“We have extra staff that we have had to hire in terms of workload issues, replacement of sick leave, etc. And of course just cleaning, equipment, anything extraordinarly related to COVID-19,” he says. “We were in an outbreak at one time for South Centennial Manor, so we did get one-time funding as well. That’s been resolved, but we still incurred a lot of expenses there.”

Chatelain says amounts are based on the number of beds in a facility.