While we’re stuck at home during the lockdown, the Cochrane Fire Department hopes you use some time to make sure that home is fire safe.

Fire prevention officer Billy Lorimer says there’s a virtual check list available.

“You go through your home and make sure you don’t have any hazards that could cause a fire,” he explains, “and then I can help you build a fire escape program, or any kind of questions you have in regards to smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, any kind of hazard you come across.”

Lorimer says while you’re working from home, there’s more going on, so for instance, you might not notice combustible material near the stove.

“So that can be some paper towel or a cloth or even curtains that are close to the stove top as well as for furnaces and water tanks and woodstove appliances and those sort of things.”

The checklist is on the fire department’s Facebook page.  Lorimer says you can contact him to go over it, or to come up with a fire escape plan.