A wide range of volunteer positions are available with the Canadian Red Cross in Cochrane.

Local woman Susie Major is an emergency management volunteer.  She helps with comfort, care, lodging, food and emergency needs for people in crisis.

Every spring for the last 20, she’s been taking vacation from her fulltime job to be able to help with flood evacuees coming to Cochrane from up the coast.

“I’ve been to Toronto for the ice storm,” she says, “I’ve been to Calgary for the flood, I’ve been to Peterborough for the Ontario flood.”

When dispatched to any place in Canada, Major expects to be there for between seven and 21 days.

She notes that that’s not the only type of volunteer the Red Cross is seeking in Cochrane right now.

“We have our Meals on Wheels, we have our telephone assurance, which is just checking in on people and seeing that everybody’s okay.”

You can check out volunteer opportunities by calling the Timmins Red Cross office or by going to the national website.