Organizers of this weekend’s Christmas telethon in Iroquois Falls are dealing with the possibility that it won’t air on the community cable channel.

Bill Harkins-Eugene Ricard Santa Claus Fund secretary and telethon producer Rick Charlebois says Cable 12 is out of service.

A plan was already in place to simultaneously to livestream the show on the internet. With some people not having internet service or knowing how to watch the stream, Charlebois is hoping others include them.

“Yes, we would appreciate that family and friends within the bubble do what’s possible to allow their friends and relatives to be able to watch the telethon as much as possible, anyway,” he says

Charlebois notes that with fewer and fewer cable subscribers every year, this would have been a much bigger problem 25 or 30 years ago.

“We would love for Cable 12 to come back, but we have to plan for the eventuality that it isn’t,” Charlebois remarks. “We were already going to be streaming anyway, but we can’t be sitting on the fence, because if we wait for too long, we won’t have time to get the word out for people to prepare accordingly.”

We’ll update on Friday if necessary, on the Moose and here on My Cochrane Now Dot Com.

The livestream will be at .