The organizer of a campaign to save Earl Porter Lanes in Iroquois Falls hasn’t worked through the numbers yet and come up with solid alternatives. So far, Sacha Lessard is operating straight from her heart.

Council wants to move town hall into the bowling alley building. The biggest reason Lessard wants to stop that is her 17-year-old son, Sebastien Carriere. He’s autistic.  She says he loves bowling.

“He has his own bowling balls, his own bowling shoes.  He does it with his best friend. We try and go as much as we can,” Lessard explains. “To make my son happy, what parent wouldn’t want to advocate for their child?”


Lessard is confident that working as a community, the people of Iroquois Falls can come up with an alternate plan for town hall. All she’s asking council for is one thing: “To give us time to bring out these great ideas that our community has,” she pleads. “Come together as a whole, because our community has done it before, we can do it again.”

If you want to help Lessard’s campaign to save Earl Porter Lanes, click here.