Entertainers are still needed for the Bill Harkins Eugene Ricard Santa Claus Fund Telethon in Iroquois Falls.

The show is set to go Saturday from five until nine… this year, on livestream.

Santa Claus Fund secretary Rick Charlebois says recorded entertainment segments are coming in well, but the telethon could use a few more.

“If you’re thinking of doing a video to submit to the telethon, get ‘er done,” he requests. “If not today, tomorrow or ASAP anyway and send it to us.”

It could be any form of entertainment.  The only requirement is that it be family friendly.

Back this year to host the telethon are Bob McIntyre (left) and Jamy Bernier (right). The guy in the middle might also show up.
(Bob McIntyre, MyCochraneNow.com staff)

The fundraising show has had to go online this because of COVID-19. Charlebois says it will be a learning experience.

“We’re certainly going to take notes because who knows, this might be an ongoing thing or at least for another year, who knows?” he says.  “I don’t want to jinx anything, but we may have repeat this again at some point in time.”