Just in time for winter, the small community of Porquis Junction is losing its post office, replaced by a community mailbox.

The change takes effect October 30th.

Iroquois Falls town councillor Darcy Cybolsky says the town was told by Canada Post the move was happening, when it asked for guidance on where to put the community box.

Porquis resident Dan Cairns says Canada Post doesn’t care about the health and safety of his neighbours, many of whom are elderly.  They’ll have to go into the Falls for other services.

“For these people to take a cab into town to get stamps and envelopes is doing to cause some hardship,” Cairns claims, adding that Porquis has had a post office for more than 100 years.

He’s also worried about the elderly having to navigate snowy, icy conditions in the winter to get their mail.

“Very nice people here in Porquis Junction,” Cairns comments. The community is in an uproar. I don’t know how much pain and suffering that it can cause.”

Cairns says those people are also losing a popular gathering spot in Porquis when the post office closes.