Fundraising and other helpful activities are mushrooming in Iroquois Falls, in support of Andréanne and Jean Proulx and their three young sons.

Their youngest – six-year-old Sebastien – is in the children’s hospital in Ottawa, for the removal of a mass on his brain and one on his spine.

The community has come together to raise money to help for Andréanne’s expenses while she’s in Ottawa for a month or more with Seb, to keep the part of family left at home well fed and cared for, and to keep their farm off the Monteith Road operating.

Amanda Beaulieu is organizing a yard sale.  She says the Proulx family supports community causes… now it’s time to pay back.

 “They’re very involved with multiple sports,” she says. “Any events for any other families who’ve gone through similar things, they’ve been there. They’ve been volunteering and supporting and they’ve given a lot to our community.”

Beaulieu’s starting the yard sale with the stock from her store, Bearly Used Kids Clothing, which she’s shutting down. She’s also accepting donations to the yard sale.

 “Everything is just going to be priced as donation only, so whatever you can pay or want to pay, that’s what you pay.  Every single dime is going to the Proulx family.”

The sale is from 10:00am until 5:00pm on Saturday, October 24th at the Lions Den.

The Facebook page “Proulx Strong” compiles all the efforts underway for the family.