It probably seems longer than six months since the arena and swimming pool in Iroquois Falls have been closed.  They’re finally reopening next Tuesday.

Director of recreation services Brian Finner says there will be ice in the arena, but users must come dressed except for skates, gloves and helmets.


“And as for our pool,” Finner adds, “that’ll also be opening on the 15th, with swim lessons taking place on Saturday, September 19th.”  All aquatic activities are by appointment only.

Back over to the arena, where there will be a maximum of 50 people in the building at any one time.

“We’re allowing up to 25 people on the ice, including coaches and staff,” says Finner, “and then it is recommended that parents and guardians are not in the facility, but they are allowed to attend if they wish.”

Even then, it’s limited to one parent per participant.