The Public School Board in our area unveiled its comprehensive back to school plans on Tuesday at a special board meeting. District School Board One Trustees learned several models for return to the class room by elementary and secondary students pending Ministry of Education’s announcement that’s expected to come as early as Thursday. The province will select either conventional with enhanced screening, adaptive (students attending school on alternate days) and distance learning models. Director of Education Lesleigh Dye they will communicate to everyone what the plans will be in that mode of delivery.

“So if the Minister or Premier announces that it’s the conventional model so all students every day with enhanced screening, we will outline and provide that plan to all of our staff and our families,” Dye said.

She adds that the Ministry has also asked all boards for a preregistration of students.

“So even if a student has been with us and going into Grade 10, we are asking their family to please preregister,” she said. “We have developed an on-line process that we hope will be quite usable. If we don’t hear back from families then we will be making phone calls as we understand there are some connectivity issues.”

All of the board programs feature strict protocols for staff to follow, physical distance requirements by students and hand sanitizing stations at all entrances of the schools.

Dye says school boards may start the school year in one model but could change depending on the region and the amount of COVID-19 cases. The first day of school is Thursday, September 3rd.