It was Canada Day.  It was hot.  So it was natural that people in Iroquois Falls got outside and might even have gathered in groups at local cooling-off spots, like beaches.

Acting Mayor Darcy Cybolsky says he understands the impulse.  But he’s worried that such behaviour could knock the town off its pedestal of not yet having any cases of COVID-19. As the province opens up and people start to travel in this direction, it’s easy for someone from somewhere else to bring the virus with them.

“We need to social distance, we need to follow the rules,” Cybolsky remarks.  “If we start to see it coming up, we need to be extra cautious and perhaps wear masks as well, and then we can protect each other.”

Acting Mayor Darcy Cybolsky delivers a Canada Day address to Iroquois Falls’ virtual celebration.

“The last thing I want to see is somebody get seriously sick or lose their life to this here,” he adds. “It’s a little inconvenience to be careful, but you can potentially save a loved one of somebody.”