After being parked by COVID-19 since March 20th, Access Transit is ready to drive elderly and mobility-challenged people around Iroquois Falls again.

Suzanne Castonguay is secretary and bus treasurer for the volunteer operated service.  She says it will be back on Monday, July 6th, with a new van.

“It’s a smaller size van than we had before,” she notes.  “It holds seven passengers, three of those can be wheelchairs.”

The fees remain at $5.50 in town and $9.00 for up to 20 kilometres — to Monteith, Porquis or Nellie Lake, for instance.

Castonguay says Access Transit proves how worthwhile it is.

“All together with all the people getting in and off the bus, all the trips that we make, it comes out to about 4,000 a year.”

The Ontario Trillium Fund chipped in 60-thousand dollars to help buy the new van.