Now that we’re in phase 2 of COVID-19 recovery, outdoor visits will be allowed at South Centennial Manor in Iroquois Falls and the Rosedale Centre in Matheson, effective Thursday.

MICS Health Care Group CEO Paul Chatelain says it’s not on a drop-in basis.

“We’ll ask them to call and plan a visit beforehand,” he tells My Cochrane Now Dot Com, “because we have to have the resident ready and of course our team member – our nurse or whoever it is – bring that person outside.”

Chatelain says administration is trying to limit it to one or two visitors per resident, with the visit lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

“Of course we have to encourage the social distancing so they won’t be able to come and physically hug at this point,” he adds.

You’re also asked to wear a mask.

Chatelain says Anson General Hospital is also working on a plan for visiting patients in its chronic care unit.