We’re taking a break from stories of Cochrane history this week, to look at how to still explore the public library’s archives, even though the building is closed due to COVID-19.

This past Friday, archivist Ardis Proulx-Chedore launched a weekly feature on Facebook Live called “Archives Live”.

If you log on, you can choose a cabinet and a file number.

“Now there are a lot of files in Archives, a lot of files,” Proulx-Chedore remarks.  “And it’s all local history. So if you’re a history buff, local history buff, this is a game and interesting find for you.”

Here’s what it’s like when a participant picks a cabinet number and a file.

“So one of the first letters I have is J,” reports Proulx-Chedore.  “So Cabinet number 5 is what we’re going into, which is a photo collection and we’re going to do J and F so far and A, okay.  So give me one second, I’m going to pull out those files.”

Proulx-Chedore then shows off what’s in those particular files.

The fun for local history buffs begins at 1:30pm every Friday, for at least as long as the archives can’t be physically open to library members.