Al Martin has come up with a great solution to truckers walking up to the drive-thru at his Tim Hortons location on Highway 11 in Cochrane.

He says it’s an answer to the government call to take care of truckers during COVID-19.

“We were doing that already through walk-up in our drive-thru,” he remarks.

But there are obvious safety risks with that.  So Martin came up with a wooden door complete with order window behind one of the restaurant’s glass doors.

“Yeah, we just created a barrier where it allows our team members to provide the service that they’re looking for and still remain behind the shield,” he says, noting that it protects his workers from a potential coronavirus source.

Al Martin pays for his order at the truckers’ window.
(Photo supplied by Al Martin)

After just over a week, Martin says business at the truckers’ window is picking up every day.

“Basically it went from zero truckers tracking there to about 20 to 35 and now we’re tracking about 55 transactions out that front window.”

If a trucker asks, they’re allowed in to the restaurant to use the washroom, one at a time.

Martin and his wife Nicole also own the Tim Hortons outlets in Iroquois Falls and on Airport Rd. in Timmins.