A ban has been placed on all outdoor, open-air burning inside Iroquois Falls municipal boundaries.

That news from fire prevention officer Tyler Mongeon.

“With the nature of the services that we provide, some of the common precautions aren’t necessarily feasible,” he remarks.

Tyler Mongeon.
(Supplied photo)

The ban includes your backyard fire pit or bowl that you roast hot dogs and marshmallows on.

“Many of our residents very much enjoy the ability to have a fire, and we understand the burden that this ban is placing on everybody,” the fire prevention officer says, “but we greatly appreciate the sacrifice that eveybody’s doing as it is helping us to provide the necessary services that the department has to provide.”

Mongeon adds that firefighters on the all-volunteer Iroquois Falls brigade have to be protected against the coronavirus.  Losing any of them reduces the number available to respond to calls.