The annual Sportsman and Trade Show in Iroquois Falls has fallen victim to COVID-19.

Co-chairman of the show for the Knights of Columbus, Rick Charlebois says the planned May 1st and 2nd event has been cancelled.

“We did consider postponing,” he notes, “but the logistics are really just too much to handle.”

Planning begins in September.  Charlebois remarks that the uncertainty of the duration of the pandemic forced the committee’s hand.

“We can’t say okay, if we reschedule by such and such a date, then we can go.  It doesn’t work like that.”

Among other factors, Charlebois says committee members are all volunteers who can’t devote another two or three months to it.

“The logistics just didn’t work out and unfortunately we had to decide to actually cancel the event, no rescheduling,” he reiterates.

The committee will give exhibitors the option to not have their fee refunded, and apply it to next year’s show.  That will also guarantee no increase in the fee for 2021.