Starting Monday, St. Paul’s United Church in Cochrane is offering a twice a week supper for the less fortunate and less able in the Rail Town.  It can be picked up or delivered.

St. Paul’s council chair Marg Burkholder says the idea arose last Sunday, when the congregation was discussing what it could do during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a kitchen that is Porcupine Health Unit approved,” she states, “and we thought maybe we could make up meals for between 50 and 75 people.”

The meal can be picked up at the church or delivered on Monday and Thursday.  You can check the church’s Facebook page for the offering of the day.  It will list ingredients for anyone with allergies and dietary issues.

“We’re not a restaurant.  So it’ll be just like one choice,” says Burkholder. “We will post the meal for the day on Facebook and then people can decide whether or not they would like to have some or not.”

Whoever takes advantage of the service can make a free-will offering, paying what they think they can afford.