“All aboard” has been sounded for senior citizens in Iroquois Falls to get on the Brain Train.

Recreation department seniors program coordinator Jennifer Jamieson calls it a challenge.

“It’s really a personal challenge for people to think about their health and that a healthy body and healthy brain work together,” she says., as represented by five box cars.  That’s one each for physical activity, mental activity, social interaction, diet and health, and spiritual health.

Tickets you can pick up for each one of those, track your progress over five weeks.

It centres on minor lifestyle changes that can ward off dementia and other diseases.  Jamieson says it all works with the trillions of pathways in the brain.

“By doing different things and engaging in different activities or being socially engaged in the community” she outlines, “we activate all of those different parts of the brain, which affects our whole body health.”

While the push is on to get involved in March, Jamieson says you can choose to start the five-week program anytime you wish.  Just contact her at the rec department.