You can expect cuts right across the board at the Cochrane Public Library due to a major budget cut by the municipality.

The news came down in the middle of the week.  Library CEO Christina Blazecka says her staff found $18,300 in savings, and then council slapped another $20,000 on top of that.

Right off the bat, Blazecka says that means a reduction in hours for library staff.

“With reductions in staff hours are going to be reductions in service hours.  They’re both connected,” she explains.

How that all shakes down is yet to be finalized. But one thing’s for sure already: even though snow shoes are still available, the ski-lending program will be suspended at least temporarily.

“It takes staff time to size up the skis and the boots and that kind of thing,” the CEO says. “And then when the equipment comes back, sometimes it’s wet or dirty so it has to be cleaned and then put back into inventory.”

That program was set up by the economic development department.  Blazecka says if it’s eventually scrapped altogether, that department will take the equipment and find another way to lend it out.