The roar of engines; the smell of exhaust; and the crunch of cars intentionally being driven into each other are all back for this year’s Iroquois Falls Winter Carnival.

Demolition derby coordinator Jesse Cybolsky says it will take place on the afternoon of March 22nd at the Calvert snow dump, off the south end of d’Iberville Avenue.  That’s where more than 1,200 people watched last year’s derby of cars smashing each other into submission.

“We only had six cars but those six cars put on a great show and we’re looking to hopefully get some more involvement this year.  We’ve added a guaranteed cash prize, so there’s a $1,500 purse that will be split between first and second in both divisions and all the driver admissions are also added on top of that,” says Cybolsky.

If you’re contemplating putting in an entry… specifications and rules are on line.

“Edge Motorsports is doing the officiating.  They did a great job last year,” Cybolsky reports. “Their website, Edge Motorsports, you can go to their rules section and it is the first set of rules there.”

The company belongs to Colin Kennedy’s family, and he’s a good local resource for prospective drivers, too.

New this year will be vendor’s tables.  Any licenced vendor is invited to rent an eight-by-ten-foot space for twenty dollars.