Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce president Stephanie Delaurier says the Chamber dropped the contract for the ONR bus stop in town because it wasn’t cost-efficient.

It’s now at Montrock Café and Convenience on Victoria Road.

“We had had it for a few years,” the president explains, “and then after looking over our numbers, it was actually costing the Chamber money to be able to run the service.”

Delaurier says the café will benefit financially more than the Chamber did.  And with its seven-day operation with longer hours, it’s better for passengers.

“They’ve got the convenience store there and everything, so they can get some coffee, they can get something to eat, they can wait inside and especially with packages when people send and receive, they’ve got a lot more available hours to be able to go and drop off and pick up their parcels.”

Delaurier notes that the Chamber had taken on the bus contract when another local business let it go.  Now she’s happy with the latest arrangement.