No one’s quite sure about the exact birthday, but Iroquois Falls Secondary School is marking its centennial year in 2020.

Principal Brian Forsythe says a committee was started in the fall to engage the school and the community in a celebration.

“Our next meeting is a follow-up from our last one where we have a bunch of the ideas that were started, we’re actually fleshing out some details,” he outlines.

That meeting is tomorrow (Thurs.) 4:30pm in the school library. It’s open to the public, especially potential volunteers.

Forsythe says there will be in-class observances and community members are planning more community-focussed events.

“The first of them is an evening of the arts, which is going to involve sort of an open house format, having present students’ work and past students’ also. And then there’s also a summer event which would be tied to an Iroquois Falls community event.”

More specifically: A reunion from July 2nd to 4th.