The surge plan that was in effect at the Timmins and District Hospital over the weekend had a ripple effect on smaller hospitals in the region.

The plan was initiated when the number of patients being admitted to TADH exceeded the number of beds.

Paul Chatelain is CEO the MICS group, which operates the hospitals in Cochrane, Iroquois Falls and Matheson.  He says they’ve been dealing with the same high incidence of flu, pneumonia and other illnesses and injuries typical to January.

“All three hospitals are full so it just means that we can’t send any patients to them (TADH),” he remarks,  but we were able to manage within our own organization.”

The three smaller hospitals send patients to the Timmins facility for specialized care they can’t provide.

“It’s a busy time of the year and I think really what it comes down to is our alternate level of care patients – our ALCs – they’re waiting for placement in long term care and so they’re occupying the beds that normally would be used by acute care,” comments Chatelain.

The situation at TADH and MICS has returned to normal but Chatelain says the overcrowding could return.