In summer, it’s called a soap box derby.  At the Cochrane Winter Carnival, it’s called snow box. And it returns to Queen Elizabeth Park on Friday night, February 7th.

The downhill race is being organized by Dan Girard, an executive member of the Cochrane

“They can use either a snow GT or a sleigh or toboggan underneath it and they build out of cardboard what should resemble a snowmobile,” he says.

This is the third year for the snow box derby, where entries are ridden down the hill from the park onto Lake Commando.  Girard says the first year, racers’ grandpas took their turn.

“It’s a family thing and yeah, there were some quite interesting ones the first year and the second year, too and the parents get involved, yeah.”

Work this past weekend to smooth out the lake for snowmobile races extended to the snow box course.