Here’s your chance to show off that Canadian tuxedo you got for Christmas, and your line-dancing prowess.

On Saturday, February 8th during the Cochrane Winter Carnival, Country Saloon is back at the Commando Pavilion.

It’s a ten-hour-long fundraiser for the Polar Bear Habitat.  Volunteer coordinator Heather Brouwer says you can dance for as long as you like.

“I am not a country fan and last year, I even had a lot of fun at it.” she remarks.

It’s wall-to-wall country music and an optional barbecued chicken dinner.

“So basically a whole afternoon and evening,” says Brouwer.  “If you want a meal, you have to get a ticket in advance and that’s served at 5:30.  But if you just want to come to the dance, you can come at any point between 3:00pm and 1:00am.”

Obvious question:  “Is there a dress code?”

“No,” she laughs. Typically people are showing up kind of in their plaid and their jeans and their cowboy boots, but again, anything goes here.  It’s a welcoming event.”