A request to become officially involved in attracting a new Junior A hockey team to the Jus Jordan Arena is going to Iroquois Falls council tonight (Monday).

Boost our Igloo chairman Rick Charlebois will ask that the pursuit of a team be part of the town’s ongoing branding exercise.  He says the clout and resources of town hall will be valuable.

“So that a concerted effort can be made by the municipality, community partners like the Boost our Igloo club, other suitable partners where we can line up our ducks in a row to make it attractive and feasible to attract and retain long term, a Junior-A club,” he comments.

“I think it’s a little too much of a stretch to expect a small organization like our booster club to just pursue this alone,” Charlebois continues, “and I think it’s a worse idea to just be passive and wait for somebody to come and set up shop on their own.”

Charlebois’s hoping for a packed council chamber for the 6:30pm meeting.

He says there is some interest from a team or teams to move to Iroquois Falls, but it’s in the very preliminary, tentative stages.