The Cochrane Winter Carnival is traditionally surrounded by white, but this year, is thinking green.

Co-chair Yvonne Lemieux says in compliance with a ruling by the town’s recreation boar, the carnival will not use single-use plastic or styrofoam cups.

“So we’re actually mass ordering Cochrane Winter Carnival cups” she adds, “so that we’ll be reusing those.  So people can either keep them as a token or bring them back and we’ll wash them and reuse them.”

Lemieux and her co-chair, Tegan McWhirter, tell My Cochrane Now Dot Com that food will only be served in recyclable paper plates and containers.

“We understand we can’t fully eliminate waste as it stands at the moment, but just making sure, you know, recyclable plates instead of Styrofoam plates, just making some of those small changes to really ensure that we’re doing all that we can to avoid unrecyclable waste,” Lemieux remarks.

“Or putting waste into a landfill,” McWhirter adds.