Anyone in Iroquois Falls who needs a blood test tomorrow (Friday) at Anson General Hospital is out of luck.  Charge technologist Amanda Comé says the lab will be closed for one day only.

“It’s just because we are getting ready to relocate the lab to our temporary location while the renovations happen,” she points out.

The renovations begin Monday, and Comé hopes to be back in by April 11th.

You won’t notice much difference once the job is complete.

“For the most part, whatever the outpatients are going to see is it’ll be one big room instead of two rooms,” says Comé. “So the phlebotomy room will be bigger and it’ll have more room for wheelchairs and whatever patients have family with them, there’s a little bit more space.”

Renovations in the permanent lab will replace 30-year-old counters and other workspaces that are difficult to clean.

“So we work with chemicals, we work with biohazard substances,” Comé says, “so your cabinets, everything has to be cleanable and impermeable so none of that sticks in there.”

During the project, the lab will be in the hospital’s basement.  Comé says you’ll still take a number at the main reception desk, then take the elevator or stairs.