With files from Darcy Cybolsky, The Enterprise

The South Centennial Manor Redevelopment Fund is a million dollars richer today.  It has received a cheque for that amount from the philanthropic foundation set up by long time Cochrane contractor Marcel Labelle and his wife Frances.

The community’s share of the new facility is about $4-million. So fundraising co-chair Gilles Forget says his committee’s work must continue.

“With that and the fundraising activities that we’ve done over the last four years,” he says, “we’ve accumulated $1.5-million.”

Forget says he and his co-chair Suzanne deLaplante met with the Labelle Foundation board in early November. They got their reply three days later.

“It’s quite a gift to us, really, as far as our fundraising commitment to the Manor, something that we’re really proud of,” Forget remarks.  “and they should be commended on it.  I can tell that they’re from the North and they care for the North.”