Take a deep breath. We have relief from your pre-Christmas stress.  Shelve your plans to bake… and go to Holy Trinity Anglican Church’s soup-and-sandwich bazaar at the church in Cochrane on Saturday.

Kim Skidmore is one of the organizers.  She says there’s a bake table that actually has two parts.

“One is cookies by the dozen,” she explains. “And I know that we have over 25 different varieties of cookies to choose from and you can pick your own dozen combination.”

A second table has other baking.

“We have traditional Finnish bread,” says Skidmore. “We have homemade butter tarts and then we have another wide variety of things from pies to assortments of brownie to other baking and squares.”

That’s tomorrow from 11:00am to 1:30pm.  Then Sunday at 10:30am there’s an all-ages Christmas pageant at the church.  Everyone is welcome to watch from the pews, or participate in the pageant itself.