“Project Zero” has come to Iroquois Falls, providing combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the fire department.  It, in turn, will give them to people who need them in their homes but can’t afford to buy them.

One-hundred-and-two of the lifesaving detectors were donated by Enbridge, the natural gas utility.

Fire prevention officer Tyler Mongeon says his department wouldn’t otherwise have to budget to pay for the life-saving appliances.

“So we want to make sure that every member of our community is fully protected,” he states. “So this program gives us that opportunity to provide them with combination smoke and CO alarms at no cost.”

Mongeon says the next step is to distribute them.

“Right now we’re working with several community organizations that work with the demographics that we’re looking to identify.  We’re looking at seniors and people in the community that are financially in need.”