Next Tuesday, December 10th is International Human Rights Day.  And again this year, Zoreena Liznick-Voyer and Fran Côté  are leading a “Write for Rights” activity in Iroquois Falls.

Liznick-Voyer that evening at Trinity United Church, they and others will be writing letters based on ten cases of rights abuses provided by Amnesty International.

“We write letters to politicians, ambassadors, world leaders, on behalf of these individuals who are experiencing these human rights violations,” she explains.

The one Liznick-Voyer and Côté will be promoting is Grassy Narrows, near Dryden. It’s close to home, and involves mercury from industrial waste destroying fish, animals and vegetation the indigenous people of the area rely on.

”We would think that that would be a priority,” remarks Liznick-Voyer.  “Prime Minister Trudeau said in 2017 that he was going to do and clean that up.  So part of our letter writing campaign this year is to remind him of that promise.”

“They’re our neighbours.  They’re our friends.  Six degrees of separation. There’s always going to be someone that we know or that knows someone that is being affected by this particular situation in Grassy Narrows.”

“Write for Rights” is on December 10th between 4:00pm and 8:00pm at Trinity United Church.  Soup will be served.