Public school teachers in Ontario have launched a work-to-rule campaign, pressuring the government to negotiate a contract with them.

District School Board Ontario Northeast chairman Bob Brush says his board respects the process.

“There will be no immediate impact on the day-to-day operation of the school,” he notes.  “Classes will be held, students will be taught.”

Bob Brush, DSB One chairman.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

Teachers are refusing to do things like writing comments on report cards, administering standardized testin, and going to staff meetings outside of school hours.  Brush says those are things that shouldn’t affect board operations.

“Very little. Negligible.”

Brush acknowledges that part of the work-to-rule tactic is information pickets set up by the teachers.

“So they’ll be handing out information based on their position in this process and they have certainly the right to do that and that’s fine.”

Brush says he hasn’t been notified of the exact locations for the pickets, but knows they’ll be near schools and maybe board offices.  They won’t be on board property, and he interprets that as a sign of respect, because the teachers’ beef is with the province, not the board.