Project Linus has arrived in Cochrane, and is just getting started.

Local coordinator Nissa Gaddes says as the name implies, Project Linus makes security blankets for kids up to 17, whether they’re in the hospital or in a crisis situation.

Right now, she has three volunteers making blankets, and is looking to expand that.

“I am talking to Cadence Residence on the 27th to see if I can get any of them interested, even if they’re just doing granny squares,” Gaddes notes. “I can put them together myself.”

Gaddes is also hoping that a new quilting club at Cochrane High School can help out, earning its members volunteer hours at the same time.

She’s reaching out to hospital, NEOFACS, the paramedic service and other agencies, to see if they could use the blankets.

“If people want to donate their time, that’s great.  If they have needles, that’s great.  IF they have yarn or fabric, that’s wonderful.  And you can also donate cash.”

There are a couple coin jars in Cochrane businesses accepting money.  You can also donate online via the Project Linus Facebook page or at ..