The people of Iroquois Falls came through big time Saturday night, supporting the 36th annual telethon for the Bill Harkins-Eugene Ricard Santa Claus Fund.

MCs Jamy Bernier and Bob McIntyre announced the total amount of money raised by the end of the five-hour telethon:

Bernier: “$15,815.00.”

McIntyre:  “$15,815.00  That is better than $3.00 per capita in Iroquois Falls.”

That’s also not the final total.  Santa Claus Fund volunteers will be hitting the moose draw and other events next weekend, picking up donations.

Who has the better beard? Left to right: Moose MC Bob McIntyre from Moose FM, Santa Claus, and MC Jamy Bernier, backstage at the telethon in Iroquois Falls Saturday night.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

Organizing committee member Michael Shea paid tribute to everyone who participated, from behind-the-scenes workers to the entertainers who filled five hours of TV and online time.

“Every year, it’s a telethon to make this community happy, to give back to the community,” he commented.  “So everybody together at this telethon is giving back to the community in the most humble way.”

This was the 36th annual telethon.  All the money buys Christmas baskets of food and gifts for families in need.