Coffee shops and restaurants are moving towards eliminating single-use plastics and adopting more environmentally friendly products.

The McIntyre Coffee Shop in Schumacher is now offering uncooked spaghetti to use as a stir stick.

In Cochrane, Carl Foy, the owner of the Polar Bear Market and Cookhouse, says he hasn’t heard of such a thing, but he is letting his plastic bags run out so he can replace them with recyclable paper bags.  Styrofoam food containers are also being replaced by cardboard.

Foy puts a fine point on the importance of doing all that: “Just as important as opening the doors every morning.”

He remarks that somehow, businesses got away from the old ways, letting plastics and non-reusable containers and utensils take over.

“Everybody seems to be reverting and the more they get on the bandwagon,” Foy comments, “the better off it is for everybody and the environment.”

He admits that it might also gain him some new customers.

“Being a leader is enticing to have new customers come in and see what we’ve got going on,” he says.  “Not just for myself and our establishment, it’s for everywhere else as well.”

The issue of supply and demand is making the cost for paper and cardboard higher, but Foy says it can be incorporated into pricing, with none of his customers having to pay a lot more.