Plans are moving ahead to re-enact the Nativity scene on December 6th, on Genier Road behind the Tim Horton Event Centre in Cochrane.

Organizer Kayla Tousignant says practices are set for November 26th at 7:00pm and December 3rd at 6:30pm at New Hope Community Church.

All the roles are still open.

“So if people are in interested in being either Mary, Joseph, a wise man, some of the shepherds, King Herod,” Tousignant states, “then definitely come on by or you can call Pat Tousignant and he can write your name down.”

Pat Tousignant’s phone number is 705-272-1220.

“We’re actually also participating in the Cochrane Crunch Santa Claus Parade on November 28th,” says Kayla Tousignant, “so if you’d like to be part of the parade in terms of advertising the Nativity with us, then you can join us for that as well.”