Mayors and councillors from Iroquois Falls, Cochrane and Matheson met with the body that operates their three hospitals this week, to brainstorm on how to recruit and retain doctors.

“The MICs group has been at the recruitment fairs for the last many, many, many years and with very little luck,” remarks MICS CEO Paul Chatelain.

He says each community is currently short two general practitioner, and their general surgeon is retiring next year.

Thus, the brainstorming session.

“First thing that came to mind was that we would fund a part-time dedicated physician recruiter.”

Chatelain say a lot of communities have such a position. MICS’ director of human resources has been doing it, but has a lot more on her plate.

The hospitals and municipalities also hope to enlist the help of the new dean of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

“She’s actually coming up to Iroquois Falls I believe in February,” Chatelain notes, “so we’re hoping to meet with her and have some ideas and share our concerns on having their physicians from the Northern School of Medicine come and work for us.”