An earlier version of this story mistakenly identified Denise Giguere as Tammy Giguere.  My Cochrane Now Dot Com apologizes for the error.


Two yards on Nosov Drive in Iroquois Falls are the talk of the neighbourhood, because of the way they’re set up for Halloween.

The cemetery and its menagerie of scary creatures are the work of Denise Giguere’s grandson.

“And he had all that where he lived before,” Giguere notes.

Enter if you dare!
(Darcy Cybolsky, The Enterprise)

That grandson is Kyle Lund.  And where he lived before with his young son Keegan was a home on Anson Drive that was badly damaged by fire in May.

He has decked out the yards of his grandmother and her neighbour like a spooky cemetery… complete with all kinds of Halloween characters.