The diabetes program at Anson General Hospital in Iroquois Falls is trying to revive a diabetes support group.

Coordinator Alanna Mack says that she would facilitate the monthly meetings and bring an educational component to it.

 “Ideally, a support group is run by the participants,” she remarks.  “So we talk about topics that are important to them.  And it can range from people who have diabetes, pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and it can also include their family members or community members who are interested in some education about diabetes.”

Mack notes that you can refer yourself to any aspect of the hospital’s diabetes program. You don’t need a doctor or nurse practitioner.

“And the other thing that the program is also offering right now,” she adds, “ is if they’re in the community without a physician and they’re having trouble with their diabetes management, then we might be able to help them with a link to a physician, so they should also reach out at that point.”


Iroquois Falls

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