Next week is Foster Parents Appreciation Week, and Northeastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services – NEOFACS—uses it to recruit new foster families.

Communications coordinator Melanie Watson says there’s always a need for new families to take in foster children.

“There’s especially a need for foster parents with babies and teenagers, but it goes for all age groups,” she says.

Foster children are all under 18.

Watson says the need can change at any time.

“Our goal really is to keep families together, but it depends on when families are going through different hardships or times. So then we’re placing youths with foster families,” Watson explains.

“There are always opportunities for anyone who’s interested to call the agency and set up a time to get more information and talk to our resource workers that would be able to give you all the information about the steps in becoming a foster parent.”

Click on this link for more about becoming foster parents.