What do you consider the most urgent health issue facing this riding?  As a Member of Parliament, how would you address it?


The most urgent health crisis facing the region is the fentanyl and opioId crisis. It is playing havoc with users and families while causing massive costs to the health system. We will declare a health emergency to respond to this crisis. We will put more support into treatment and work with the northern communities to reduce the import of illegal drugs into the north.

(Submitted by Michelle Boileau Campaign)


Opioid-related overdoses have claimed the lives of too many Canadians, devastating families and communities throughout the country. The Liberal government has taken action with a number of important initiatives to help address the opioid crisis. This includes new emergency funding for provinces and territories to increase access to evidence-based treatment, funding to equip border officers with tools to intercept fentanyl and other dangerous substances at the border and launching a new national, multi-year public education campaign to help reshape Canadians’ attitudes and perceptions about people who use drugs.


The investments, combined with reduced barriers to treatments, will allow us to continue working toward turning the tide of this crisis.


KRAYMR GRENKE (Conservative)

The most urgent health issue continues to be access to specialists. As the vice-chair of the Timmins District Hospital Board I have a front row seat to the amazing health care that we provide in the city. We do an amazing job at recruitment, yet we need to find innovative ways to attract more specialists so it reduces the time and volume of visits our residents need to spend on the road.


The most urgent health issue is poverty. Though perhaps not the most immediate it is of the

greatest importance. This impacts access to services, resources, mental health and even basics

such as housing. I would be addressing this with a Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) for all,

including native communities that have historically been left out, as well as more specific

programs such as universal pharmacare and mental health funding. Poverty is the single largest

determinant of health in society. Not addressing it means continuing to waste money on short

term band aid solutions inevitably costing more. These programs will require fostering close

coordination and cooperation with the provincial governments which is a cornerstone of the

Green Party, we will work for the good of Canadians with anyone.


RENAUD ROY (People’s Party)

Having good and safe water to drink in our First Nations communities is a priority. Without this commodity, your population is exposed to several health risks. It is completely unacceptable that in a G7 country we still have communities without safe water to drink. A People’s Party government will insure that aboriginal communities take more ownership of the services they receive in partnership with Ottawa and other levels of government. We will review federal spending to ensure that programs are better targeted to benefit the aboriginal population, in particular the communities that have the greatest needs.