What do you perceive as the important issue regarding social programs in the riding, and how would you address it?


The gaps between the super rich and the rest of society continues to grow. We need to close the tax loopholes on the billionaire class to stop the flow of taxable money to offshore havens. This can be used to help fund the necessary pension and support programs. One of the key areas we will be moving in the coming parliament is on establishing free dental care. We hear all the time about the need for this at the doors.


I’m concerned about retaining youth and talent here in our Region, and connecting people to education and skills resources. Youth and people entering a second career need to have access to high quality education and training programs. If elected I would advocate for Timmins-James Bay to become a hub for investments in skills training and education in the North.

(Submitted by Kraymr Grenke Campaign)

KRAYMR GRENKE (Conservative)

The question itself needs to be rephrased. All too often we ask politicians what are YOU going to do about it. The bigger question, the more important question is what are WE going to do about it? There are far too many “silos” of government agencies working at cross-purposes, not sharing information, not sharing resources, and failing to cooperate with one another at both the federal and provincial levels. We need planners who can operate at a system level. Without system-level thinking, system-level planning, many of our social issues are going to continue to be monumental challenges.


As I have already addressed health/poverty the increasing senior cohort would be next on the

social program ladder. Although GLI will address many senior issues in the long term it will

require a significant period to implement thus we will need to ensure CPP is robust and

economically relevant. We will target increasing income support from 25% of working year

income to 50%. Additionally we will act to protect private pensions by amending the

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act to establish the

preeminence of pensioners and the pension plan in the creditor hierarchy during company

insolvency proceedings. This will reduce the burden on such social programs. We will also

support seniors with home-sharing plans and a national dementia program.


RENAUD ROY (People’s Party)

To our shame, I believe that our seniors have been neglected and taken for granted. Having worked among elderly people for the last 6 years have opened my eyes to the sad reality that too many of our seniors live below poverty line. I believe there are many things we can do to change and improve things now and in the years to come. I do not think that government was ever meant to replace the role and responsibilities of children and the community towards their elderly. However, government can educate and be a facilitator in many different ways.