Schools are often the locations for polling places at election time.  So the question is “What happens if my polling place is in a school that’s closed because of the CUPE strike?”

“For the time being, there is no change,” advises Elections Canada’s Réjean Grenier.

He says the agency running the October 21st federal election has been in contact with the union and the school boards.

“Elections Canada would have extra personnel, for example, to bring in the chairs and the tables and stuff like that and so far, from what we hear, the schools are going to be available.”

Any change to that status would be communicated only by Elections Canada.

“It’s important for the electors not to be taken in by some bad information somewhere,” Grenier cautions.  “And Elections Canada would do that by issuing either a new voter information card for that area and also with ads in social media and traditional media.”