Do you juggle?  Got a ventriloquist puppet that hasn’t been out of storage in a long time?  You’re exactly what the Cochrane Lions Club Christmas Telethon is looking for.

The Christmas telethon is set to go on Sunday, December 1st between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

Jansen says you can watch it on the community TV channel… or live in the basement of the public library.

“We’re expecting to have singers, piano players, guitar players, last year we even had a tap dancer.”

There are no limits to what qualifies as entertainment.  Jansen says the important part is that you’re helping raise money for the Cochrane Food Bank.

“Any form of entertainment, even if somebody wants to do a poem, poetry.  Any kind of talent that they have.”

You can go to the Cochrane Lions Club Facebook page or contact Cindy Jansen at 705-272-8226 for more information.

“We can set up what time that they’re available to come between that one and four time and we even pre-record,” she adds.  “We have people that go and pre-record it for us so that we can even have it on tape and put it onto the telethon.”

Jansen says the goal is to raise more money than last year’s telethon. It all goes to the Cochrane Food Bank.